Going to the gym!

We joined a gym!  I worked my ass off last week with a Pilates class and an aerobics class in the mornings, and treadmills and weights in the evenings.  We took the weekend off from going, and it made me a little sad!  I am really excited about going back tomorrow.  I feel so much better already.

I wanna lose about 50 pounds, and I figure the first half of that will be pretty easy to get rid of over the next few months.  The last half will take more work, but for the first time I really have motivation and feel like I can do it.  He is so excited to see what I will look like when I am done.  I am quite excited too!

He is working out with me, and I think that is the main source of the motivation.  I like having a place to go to work out too.  Somewhere that means focus and motivation and effort.  I am really enjoying it.  I have had next to no self esteem lately, and I think having some control over what I look like will help that.  I have attempted to find some self worth and self esteem in my submission, but it has been a challenge to be good lately, and I struggle with a lot.

He has given me several yummy spankings over the past couple weeks.  Sometimes I think that might be the only thing that keeps me smiling, just the thought of his hand smacking my ass over and over is enough to get a grin on my face.  🙂  It has not been an easy past couple of months, and I really want to write about it, but I’m not sure that I am ready.  There has been a lot on my mind lately, and I think at the very least, I should make a list of everything so it doesn’t get lost in the jumble.


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  1. tabby (aka cricket)
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 03:10:03

    That is wonderful! An awesome thing to be doing together. I really miss working out – but still have to be so careful after the surgeries. I try to walk a lot, though. I’ve lost so much weight that the doctors are concerned that I have lost muscle mass as well, oy.

    I am sorry I haven’t been commenting much, but I finally have a new laptop, and am working on catching up. Not sure if you have noticed, but my blog has also moved to it’s own new shiny domain. 🙂

    And mm, I am the same way with Daddy spanking me! Nothing compares to that feeling and release,hm?

    Oh, and yes – make a list! I find that helps me so much!

    xo baby girl tabby (a.k.a cricket)


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