I have been playing nurse to Him for the past several days, as He has been very sick with strep throat.  We waited a little too long to get Him to the doctor, and as a result the pain and discomfort has lasted a lot  longer than it normally would.  I hate that He was/is sick.  He’s still not 100%.  The pain is more or less gone, but his throat is still really swollen, and He can’t talk.  We have been learning sign language!

I knew some to start with, and I taught Him some of it.  I have been interested in learning for a while, and I tried, but kinda lost steam doing it on my own.  But now that He wants to learn with me, I am quite excited!  I am looking around for a class we can take together, or perhaps software we can buy.  (We are leaning toward classes…not just because it will be easier, but because we live in a college town…full of pretty college girls…I’m sure at least one of them knows ASL, right? :D)

I have enjoyed playing nurse.  He has really NEEDED me the past week.  And it has been really fulfilling for me.  I like being needed, feeling necessary.  He has been in my room, in my bed, wrapped up in my care for almost a week now.  I fear I am getting spoiled!  Although, having Him in my room so much has made me think about Him NOT being in here.

At first I was quite sad when He would leave.  But then I came to really love having my own space.  A little corner that is mine, with my stuff (well, mostly my stuff anyway).  And I loved when He would come and share my space with me.  Because that is what it felt like to me, sharing my little piece of comfort and solace with Him.  It is always nice in here.  And I love sharing that with Him.  Over the past week, it has become more and more ‘our’ space.  And while I don’t hate that, I do kinda miss having the place all to myself sometimes.

It is so weird to me that I feel like this.  I ached for so long to wake up next to Him more than just one morning a week.  And it is not at all that I don’t want Him in here.  I suppose it is just an adjustment.  He will most likely go back to His room soon, and I think it is good that I feel this way.  I was a little afraid that I would be horribly sad when He goes back.  But, I think I will be just fine!  🙂

The only thing I am aching for right now, is a wonderfully long spanking.  I have hinted, rather heavily in fact, that good nurses should get paid in spanks!  😀


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