Sweet little servant girl

He called me His little servant girl last night.  He whispered to me about how He wanted to keep me forever and how He wanted and needed me to be there to take care of Him and serve Him.  He asked me if I wanted to serve Him.  He asked me if I wanted to have a pretty dress to wear, a dress that meant I was His little servant girl.  He asked me if I wanted a collar around my neck for Him to tug and pull on.  He asked me if I would like it if He attached a leash to it, just sometimes, so He could keep me right there with Him.  He told me how good I was, He told me how good it felt, He told me that I was a good girl.

I LOVE hearing those things.  He reminds me I’m His all the time.  He holds me close and speaks right into my ear, asking me who I belong to and for how long.  I whimper out the answers to His questions, just like I did last night, completely consumed in the moment.  Totally focused on His voice, His hands, His body, Him.  I never can get out more than a whisper when He holds me that way.  Even if He isn’t physically touching me, His voice grabs me and keeps me still until He lets me go.

He asked me this morning if I liked the things He said to me last night.  He said I seemed sad.  I realized I probably did…because I was quiet.  I realized that I was.  And the reason He was asking was because the things He said last night were a little bit new.  We have had causal conversations like last night…me serving Him, me belonging to Him, Him holding me next to Him.  But last night He was talking to me while my hands moved all over Him.  He said those things to me while I rubbed His chest and kissed His neck.  He asked me those questions while I stroked His cock and made Him moan and squirm.  So there was an added element to the words and questions.

He was crossing a line and venturing slightly into new territory.  This is still a journey for us.  We are not moving fast.  It has taken us many many months, almost a year now in fact, to get to where we are right now, and I feel like we have a long way to go.  I feel we have only scratched the surface of what we are capable of, and we have only begun to push our boundaries.  So when He takes a step like last night, wanting me to make Him cum while He thinks of collaring and keeping me, getting off of me being His little servant girl, I suppose I should be a tad more vocal with my responses, so that He knows I am okay, and that I want Him to keep going.

He has been much more timid than I in all of this.  I wait for His comfort level, and I follow His pace.  This is 100% fine with me, of course, but I mention it only to illustrate how excited I get when we move a little further.  I am always honest with Him about each step we take, and I try really hard to make sure He knows how I feel about everything.  But I have questioned that as of late.  I have kinda wondered if my words are just a little too much.  I have a tendency to let my thoughts and feelings run wild with Him.  I often end up miles away from the original topic when I am allowed to just ramble and think out loud.

So, I have decided to be more measured and calm when He talks to me.  If I like what He says and what He does, I want my body and my sounds to be my response.  I want to moan in way that means ‘keep going’…I want to shiver in a way that says ‘yes please’…I want to whimper when He talks to me so that He knows His girl is content.  I want to melt into Him so that He knows His touch is driving me crazy.

I get so carried away and off topic when I respond verbally to His questions and comments.  So last night each question was answered with a simple, “Yes, Love,”  or “No, Love,” (‘Love’ is substituting here for His name, as that is how I supposed to answer Him. :D) so that He knew that I was listening and that I was happy.  I suppose my simple answers confused Him a bit, and that would explain why He made sure I was okay this morning.  He is used to a long-winded response to His every question and comment.  He is not used to the sweet little servant girl who answers Him the way she is supposed to and does what she is told.  And that’s okay.  I know that it will take time for Him to adjust.

I get a little shiver every time I replay His words in my head.

“Do you like being my little servant girl?”

Mmmm…I don’t like it, I love it!



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