Last night (Warning: explicit content!)

I think a retrospective post about last night will be quite helpful for me.  Last night was so good.  I found a gif the other day while Stumbling, and once you’ve clicked on that word, you will understand why I say that it was pretty damn HAWT.  I sent the page to Him, as I often do when I find something pretty, or funny, or cute, or sexy.  (okay okay…I do it a lot more than ‘often’…I’ve shared almost 1,600 sites with him…mostly pictures of pretty girls.)

But this one…this was just so hot.  I watched it over and over, imagining that it was my ass and His cock.  I sent it to Him again, with a message attached.  We sent it back and forth to each other, a sexy conversation going back and forth.  He started to tease me, telling me He had an idea.  I watched the gif again and again.  I was honestly a little confused as to why I was so excited by it, and I suppose I still am a little.  I suppose it is a combination of things.  🙂

Well, when we got home last night, He asked me to find the webcam.  I got it for Him and went about the routine of putting the kids to bed.  When I was done, I came in my room and laid down on my bed.  It was a long weekend, and I missed my bed very much.  After a few minutes, He came in my room and sat in my chair and chatted with me for a few minutes while He tried to find the software that goes with the webcam.  After finding and downloading it, He got up and put the webcam on my extra monitor, and moved it around a bit, stepping in and out of the frame, and moving the covers around.  I looked up from my Stumbling occasionally, asking Him what He was doing, and He would smile and go back to adjusting the camera.

When He had found the perfect spot, He closed my laptop and stared down at me.  He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to sitting.  He held my head in place, my face pointed up, my eyes curiously looking up at Him.  He moved His hands around in my hair for a few minutes, tugging and pulling all over.  He nuzzled my face against Him, and asked if there was anything else I could think to do while He had me like that.  I nibbled and kissed at His cock through His pants, His grip tightening in my hair every second or two.

I unfastened His pants and freed Him from His pants and boxers, and eagerly took Him in my mouth.  He held my hair still, a firm grip moving my head back and forth.  I looked up at Him, noticing that He was watching the computer screen where my actions were being recorded.  He told me to take off my clothes, and then grabbed me again and resumed fucking my mouth.  After quite a while of His yummy cock in my mouth, He let me go and pushed me back on the bed.

I’m not entirely sure what He was recording and what He wasn’t, but once down on the bed, He straddled my stomach and grabbed at my tits.  He pulled and twisted them.  He pushed them together and moved His cock back and forth between them.  Every minute or so, He would stop and knead and twist my tits in His hands.  I reacted loudly each time, and each time He placed one finger over my lips and told me to hush.  I writhed against Him, arched my back and bit my lip in an attempt to quiet my moans.  I got quieter each time, and the last time was completely silent.  He said, “You were so quiet.  Good.  That’s a good girl.” (or something like that…not sure on an exact quote there.)

He let me have Him in my mouth again for a few moments, then moved off of me and flipped me over and pulled me up on my hands and knees.  He knelt behind me, and rubbed His cock between my ass cheeks, just like in the gif.  He rocked back and forth against me a couple of times, then stopped and adjusted the camera.  He kept that up for a while…holding my hips and sliding back and forth over my ass, then moving the camera.  Each time He touched me, a moaned softly, content and happy with the effort He was putting into this.  He said, “I want to make sure I get this right for you.”  It was so sweet and sexy at the same time.

Finally He found the perfect spot, and He held my ass cheeks tightly as He bucked against me, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  I could feel His fingers digging into me, and the occasional light spank made me moan louder than I should have.  He kept His grip firm on my ass until He came ALL OVER my back.  The sudden hotness on my skin was delightful.

He turned off the camera, and sat back in the chair.  I sank down onto my stomach, and laid there for quite a while.  I couldn’t really move.  He did that for me.  Sure, He enjoyed it too, but He knew it would make me happy.  He takes such good care of me.  I felt completely loved as I laid there are replayed in my head as I recovered.

He watched the video after that, and it was disappointingly blurry.  He should be getting a better webcam for Xmas, and He promised we would do it again so that the video would be better quality.  I was surprisingly impressed with the video.  We have made others, and I typically don’t care for how I look in them.  But this one was HAWT.  My back and ass and Him from the neck down were the only things visible in the video.  Had the quality been better, it would have been the hottest thing EVAR.  But, as it was, His increased speed at the end didn’t mesh well with the camera, so it was quite blurry.

But, the video was only part of the fun for me.  The act itself was perfect, and I would rather have that over the video any day.  Although, having a reminder of it is quite nice, especially with the promise of a sequel once we have a better camera.  🙂


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. romanticdominant
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 11:57:15

    Delightful post.


  2. Sephani Paige
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 12:34:29

    the link for the gif doesn’t work 😦


  3. Sephani Paige
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 14:39:46

    now that does look like a ton of fun!


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