Love glasses

Love glassesSome times we have eye-opening moments in our lives.  Things start to click and make sense, and what other people have been saying starts to come into focus.  I had a few of those moments today.  I realized some stuff today.  I figured out some stuff that had been confusing me for a while now.

I realized that I need to do more.  I need to make more of an effort to stand beside Him. I need to be more supportive and understanding.  I made a commitment to make Him happy.  I promised to love Him forever and be His lover, His friend, His slut, His girl.  And those promises aren’t just words that sound sweet and sexy.  Those words have meaning.  Those commitments I’ve made to Him aren’t empty and meaningless.

And I started to define them more today.  I’m starting to really see what I have to do, how I have to be, what has to happen, and how I should love Him.  I am starting to see His happiness through my eyes.  I am starting to see what the world looks like to Him, and what I can do to make it a better place for Him.  I felt like I got new glasses today.  The world looks different now.  Everything is more focused and makes a little bit more sense.  I don’t have it all figured out yet, not by a long shot.  But I’m getting there.

I have the rest of my life to perfect it, and I know that.  But when I realize that I’ve gotten just a little bit closer, it makes me happy. I think the part that is most thrilling to me is finding new ways to show Him how important He is to me.  He has always been a part of my soul, but lately, I feel like I’m really starting to deserve Him.  I’m starting to think that maybe one day I can be a good girl all the time.  🙂


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