Pretty Pink Bow!

Pretty Pink Bow

So cute!

I was a very good girl.  So good, that they came to spend the day with me!  I got to pick where we went to lunch, and we all had yummy salads.  A couple of weeks ago, He bought all three of us really pretty triad pendants, with our birthstones.  I had a necklace already to put mine on, but they didn’t.  We went looking for chains to put their pendants on, and while we were at the craft store, we found me an adorable pink bow that I put on a silver headband.  I saw a waitress wearing a pink bow in her hair a few months ago, and I loved it.  I am really excited that I have one now too!  *giggles*  I would really like to start making more headbands for me to wear.  I think it might even be fun to learn to make jewelry!  Perhaps I’ve found that hobby I’ve been searching for.

New Pendant


It was such a good day.  I needed Him so badly.  It has been a bit of a rough adjustment for me, the strong and demanding and dominant man who I longed for got here so quickly.  I needed His voice and His hands and His eyes.  I needed to be next to Him and hear Him and see Him.  I have been a little overwhelmed over the past days.  He knew that.  And He tool care of me.  I am such a happy girl!

As a whole, it was a great day.  Pam asked me to straighten her hair when they got here, and her hair is just so amazing.  I love straightening it.  Maybe one day she will let me put some pretty golden highlights in it for her.  🙂

I have been awful with the diet and exercise for the past few days, and I plan to change that tomorrow.  He said when He first hugged me this morning that His arms felt different going around me, and I have only been at it for a week.  I think it was probably just Him being sweet and encouraging, but either way, I need to make sure I stay on top of it.

Pam and I are supposed to be going to the beach this weekend.  I am really really excited about it.  It’s been more than six months since I’ve seen the ocean, and that is far too long for me.  I am still feeling a little weird about spending the weekend without Him, and not getting any real time with Him for over a month, but I think Pam and I will have a lot of fun.


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