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It was almost completely dark where the car was parked. I am terrified of the dark. As I was walking toward the car, I had a vision of you stepping out of the trees to the right of the side parking lot. I didn’t see you until I got to the car. You walked toward me quickly, I tried to scream, but you put your hand around my throat, and pushed me up against the passenger side of the car. You kissed me hard and fast, keeping your hand almost tight around my neck. You wrapped your other arm around my waist, and pulled my pelvis against you. You continued to kiss me, so hard it was almost violent. You moved your hand from my waist and reached down to unbutton my pants. You pulled my jeans and panties off in one fell swoop and quickly buried two fingers deep inside me. You moaned slightly as you kissed me again, tightening your grip on my throat. Your fingers pulled out of me as fast as they had entered, and you put them in your mouth, and then in mine. You loosened your grip around my neck ever so slightly as you pulled off your own pants with your other hand. You let go of my throat and pulled my shirt over my head. You kissed me sweetly this time, running your hands all over my body as you massaged my tongue with yours. You ran your hands up my back and ran your fingers through my hair. You grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand and put the other on my waist and spun me around to face away from you. You tugged on my hair as you used your other hand to guide yourself inside me, completely inside me with the first thrust. You reached around me and took one of my breasts in your hand, squeezing gently at first, and then harder. You thrust yourself in and out of me, almost completely pulling out each time. You fucked me hard and fast, in and out, over and over. You pulled me closer to you, letting go of my hair and grabbing my hips and moving me in sync with you. You pulled out and I whimpered. You put your hand over my mouth as you tuned me back around to face you. You looked in my eyes, silently warning me not to make a sound, as you moved your hands and lifted me up.

I wrapped my legs around your waist and you moved to your right so you could lay me back against the hood of the car. I kept my ankles locked behind your back as you took hold of my hips and brought me toward you, penetrating me as deep as you could. You pulled my hips forward and grinded against me, back and forth, up and down. You put your thumb in my mouth and I licked and sucked on it for a moment until you pulled it out and began furiously rubbing my clit as you started to fuck me even harder than you were while we were still standing. I tried hard not to make a sound, heeding your silent warning as you fucked me harder and harder. I was unsuccessful in keeping quiet, and I began to moan and scream as loud as I could. I feared you would be upset, but instead you began to moan as loud as I was. You moved in and out of me at an almost inhuman pace. Your thumb kept pace with your cock, and I felt myself close to explosion. You leaned down and kissed me again, slowing a little as you kissed my neck where you hand had held me tight. You kissed my mouth softly as you filled me to overflowing with your orgasm. I screamed as my own orgasm ripped through me, shaking me to the core. You pulled out of me and sat me up. You wrapped your arms around me and held me close. I wrapped my legs back around your waist and looked in your eyes. You kissed me lightly on the mouth and moved your lips across my cheek to my ear and whispered “I love you.” You let go of me, and my legs fell from around your waist. You kissed me on the cheek and stepped back. You focused your eyes on me, looking at me for a long moment from head to toe, and then walked away.


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