Well, first of all, sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  That’s one thing I really didn’t want to do.  When I decided to start this blog, I told myself that I would type out an entry every day, no matter what.  And yesterday I was just an excited and giddy lovesick little girl who didn’t get around to bloggin’ because I was too busy.

And I was busy yesterday.  He took me out to a yummy breakfast, and then we stopped by the hardware store to have Pam’s car key copied and to get some bug spray (I had pesky little ants all over the place that I couldn’t get rid of).  We came back to my place, I straightened His hair (because He’s oh-so-yummy when I do!) and we set off the bug bombs and left for a few hours.  We walked around he mall for a few hours, and we found all kinds of fun things for Pam.  I can admit to a bit of jealousy during the day, but I tried out the “dipping into my bag ‘o happy” plan, and it worked wonders.  It was fun finding stuff she would like, and it really made Him happy that I was picking stuff out for her.

We headed back to my little town, and went to another clothing shop in an attempt to find Him some new shirts and a dress for Pam and I.  Well, ugh.  Just ugh.  I found Pam a cute, summery little red and white dress with little red sandals to match.  I tried on damn near 20 dresses, and not one of them fit right, if at all, or looked right if they did  fit.  I got a little depressed that there wasn’t one single thing that fit me in the entire store (even after going up a size), but He quickly cheered me up and we headed back to my place.

We aired out the apartment and washed all the dishes and then had some fun hanging out in the bedroom for a while. 😉  After those yummies, we went to dinner at my favorite Chinese place, and stopped to get ice cream for milkshakes.  We drank milkshakes and watched a movie, and then had a really nice long talk.

I feel bad that the talk started from me being sad.  I was sad, but I think I just needed some reassurance and reminders.  I was sad and scared, but I think I handled it well.  I cried and He held me.  We talked and resolved things.  It was the way it was supposed to go.  I was proud of myself for not freaking out or starting a fight or pushing Him away or being mean.

I’m up now, and He’s still asleep.  He has a long drive ahead of Him this evening, and I want to let Him sleep as much as possible so that He won’t be dreading the drive.  Plus, I really really like that I’m up and blogging and making coffee, and my love is asleep in my bed. 🙂  It’s a silly little thing to get excited about, but it makes me all kinds of warm and fuzzy to think about.

(Another thing I swore I would never do with this blog was make it a diary…I didn’t want to just tell everyone what I do all day…so I apologize for the “OMG!  You will never guess what happened yesterday!” post.  :P)


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