An old pot of coffee

I’m up all kinds of early today…I came out of the bathroom and looked at the clock and groaned at the 6:24 staring back at me.  So I made a pot of coffee in my “new” coffee maker, and sat down at the computer.  A few seconds later, the coffee maker starting making its noise, and I was a little kid again, back in Florida.  It was strange how one minute I was in my kitchen, Facebooking and checking my e-mail, and the next I was 7 years old, sitting at the counter chatting with my dad.

The “new” coffee maker is a temporary replacement.  The carafe cracked and then broke on the one I have, and my mom gave me the one my dad used to use back when he still drank coffee.  It is so loud, and smells so wonderful as it is percolating.  It took me a few tries to get the filter to settle in the pot properly, but I got it on about the fifth attempt.  It is just as loud and smells just as amazing as it did twenty years ago.  I remember sitting at the low counter that was kinda in the living room, but was attached to the tall kitchen counter when I was a kid and eating my cereal and talking with my dad while we waited for his coffee to brew.  That sound woke me up in the mornings, and let me know it was time for breakfast.  He would pour his milk in the cup just seconds before the coffee was ready, and he always saved me the last sip.

I remember teasing him about the coffee maker, and how I had seen big fancy ones at my friends’ houses, and thought that a new “high-tech” one would work better.  He laughed it off then, and I have to say, now I know he was right.  My parents got that coffee maker as a wedding present.  Thirty six years later, its still as awesome as it was when it was new.

He stopped drinking coffee around the same time that we moved, and I didn’t even realize that I missed the coffee maker until I heard it this morning.  I think I may just keep this one, and not even worry about a replacement.  I don’t remember much from my childhood, and I was quite shocked by this memory.  I think I’ll make a place for my “new” coffee maker on my counter.


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