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I’ve been having a lot of realizations lately.  I think that’s because of the journal and now this blog.  A lot of things are just starting to “click” and make more sense to me.  And it’s weird, because some of the clarity has been about things that should upset me or at least give me pause.  But it hasn’t.  I’m learning to take that stuff in, process it, and then let it out.  I am the type that tends to go to one extreme or the other, and even extremes of the in between.  But I find that happening less and less.

I had a nice long talk with a good friend last night, and I got some thoughts and feelings out that I had been keeping bottled up inside.  And I didn’t freak out at the admittance of these thoughts and feelings.  I’m not quite ready to post them here yet, but once I’ve worked through them a little more, I am sure I will.  It was nice to have a neutral and unbiased place to put some of the things that have been weighing on my mind.

I have a new story I want to write.  There has been one that has been bugging me for weeks now, but I just don’t think I’m ready to write it yet.  I may start making notes about it, perhaps that will help it calm down in my head.  But now there’s a new one too.  It gave me shivers when it popped into my head, and hopefully it will be ready for posting by next week or so.  🙂

I miss my phone.  I sleep too late without an alarm.  😀


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