Close Your Eyes

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I am distracted by an image of your face every time my eyes close. It’s a sexy image. You have a look of love and lust in your eyes, and you’re looking at ME. You eyes are seeing straight through me. I feel like I’m frozen. My eyes are locked on yours, and my body can’t force itself to move. It’s as if your eyes are willing me to be perfectly still for you. You walk closer to me and gently cup my face with your hands. You kiss me lightly on the mouth, gently prying my mouth open with your tongue. You circle my lips once with the tip of your tongue, and whisper, “Close your eyes,” into my mouth. I whimper as you pull away, dropping your hands away from my face and walking away from me.

I don’t know where you are. I’m always scared and cold, if only for a moment, when you stop touching me. I keep my eyes closed, as you have asked, and wait. Suddenly I feel your hand grip my hips. You are behind me, clenching me in your hands. Your grip tightens as you pull my hips back to meet yours. My ass pressed against you, your left hand relaxes and moves up my side. Your hands squeeze gently a few times before you reach my shoulder. Your needing-to-be trimmed nails scratch across my shoulder and down my arm. You wrap your hand around my wrist and squeeze, tightening your grip as a barely audible gasp escapes my mouth.

You release my wrist and lightly trace your fingertips back up my arm as you dig the fingers of your other hand into my right hip, kneading my skin. You left hand reaches my shoulder again, this time continuing toward my neck. You snake your right arm around my waist and hold me as close as you can as the fingers of your left hand wrap firmly around my neck. You tighten your hold on me, forcing me to stand as straight as I can and pulling me as close to you as possible, nuzzling your face into my hair.

You press your thumb into my neck, and my head instinctively tilts to the right. You move your head back and let out a soft sigh. You press your lips softly below my ear, letting out a much louder breath this time and darting your tongue out, making quick, tiny circles on my skin. You take my earlobe between your teeth, and bite down, hard. Eyes still closed, I let out a yelp from the shock and the pain, and the fingers on both your hands dig into my skin at the sound. You flick your tongue over my flesh that is in your mouth, and you let your jaw drop, releasing my earlobe from the vise. You suck gently where your teeth have surely left a mark and then whisper, “Mine,” in my ear.

You let me go and spin me around to face you. You cup my face sweetly again, and kiss me lightly on the mouth. “Open your eyes,” you say, low enough I can barely hear the command. My eyelids flutter open, and I lock my gaze onto yours for a long moment, knowing the vision will soon fade. I blink just once, and when my eyes open again, I’m left with just the image of your sweet and sexy face in my head.


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