Where I belong

I lost my phone yesterday.  I was quite upset.  In addition to the…um, private…pictures that are on the phone, it was a gift from Him.  And I feel really bad that I didn’t take very good care of it.  He was oh so sweet about it, and made sure I knew that it was okay and that He isn’t mad at me about it.  I still feel awful.  It has to be replaced, and unnecessary expenses always suck. =/

I suppose something good came out of it in a way.  The way He held me and talked to me and kept me still when I was upset was exactly what I need.  I need Him there to make me feel better and help me through the times when I’m upset.  And the times when I’m happy too.  But the way He made me feel yesterday was exactly how I need to feel all the time.  It will still be a while before I can actually make the move, but I know now that it has to happen.  With Him, really with Him, is where I belong.  There are a lot of details that have to be worked out, Panda’s to kidnap, and arrangements that will have to be made, but it’s time.  My place is with Him.


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