Yesterday was crazy busy.  It was good, though.  I needed to be busy.  I haven’t had enough busy days lately.  I suppose that sounds kinda weird.  Usually people complain of the opposite.  I just get so bored sometimes.  But not yesterday.  It was great.  I had energy, motivation, and a smile on my face for most of the day.  I decided to take that and run with it.

I quit smoking about two months ago, and as a result, I’ve put on a few pounds (okay, okay…about 15 pounds).  Ugh.  I was already a bit too chubby, so adding even more weight that I have to lose sucks.  But, it must be done.  I’ve rid my lungs of the nasty, now I must rid the rest of me of fat cells and cellulite.  So, I’m gonna have to get off my chubby butt and exercise.  And I’m gonna have to start really caring about and watching what I eat.  I got the ball rolling yesterday.  I was at the grocery store.  I got low-fat or no fat if it was an option, and left the cookies, chips, and other delectable yummies on the shelves.  I even got Splenda for my coffee!  I’m sipping the first cup with fat-free half and half and Splenda.  It tastes just fine to me!  As soon as I finish this post and the first cuppa, I’m gonna get my fat ass down outta this chair for some exercise.  I figure if I watch what I eat, do a little purposeful exercise, and take at least one walk every day*, I should start shaping up.  🙂

I suppose my motivation for this has a  lot to do with Him as well.  I want to not be embarrassed to be naked around Him.  I want Him to look at me naked and think I am just oh so yummy (not that He doesn’t I guess…I just want to at least kinda agree with Him).  I want to be healthy and I want to look better for me, too.  But a lot of it is Him.  I need Him to want me.  I need Him to see me as a sexual creature, even when I’m just standing next to Him.  He makes me feel sexy and loved and wanted.  And I think it’s time I do my part to make that true.  The thought of Him loving my body so much that He can’t keep His hands off me is intoxicating to me. *faints* So, I start today.  Coffee is almost gone and this post is near finished…I’m just mentally preparing myself for the sore muscles…

*Hear that, Panda?  Put on your walking shoes, my friend!  We are starting this shit!  We’re gonna be all hawt and skinny (or is that hot and sweaty?  hehe) by the time summer is over!  No more fat girls!  Woo hoo!


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