Their Day

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It was dark in the room. Which was odd. She knew she felt him get out of bed. And she was on her back. Even more odd. She never slept on her back. She opened her eyes, but she couldn’t see anything. She felt something over her eyes. It was soft and silky. And red. She reached her hand up to move what she assumed was a scarf, from her eyes. But her arm didn’t move. She was tied down. She smiled and giggled softly. He was starting early with the game today.

They had a sort of “arrangement”. Every now and then, all she had to do was what he told her. She didn’t have to think, didn’t have to worry. He took care of her. And she took care of him. How and when he wanted, all day long. She never tired of this game. It was one of her favorites that they played.

She heard him open the door. She stopped smiling, and pretended to still be asleep. He liked waking her up. He would be disappointed if he didn’t get to wake her up. And she didn’t want him to be upset with her. He sat down on the bed next to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek and then on the mouth. She moved her head slowly from side to side to let him know she was awake, unsure if he wanted her to say anything yet. She realized that she was naked, although she hadn’t fallen asleep that way. He must have removed her t-shirt and panties before he tied her up. She shivered slightly at the cool air from the fan blowing on her. He ran his hand down her body, warming her up instantly. He bent towards her and whispered in her ear. “I love you,” he said softly. At that she smiled. “I made you breakfast. Are you hungry?” He asked her, setting a wooden tray on the bed next to her. She could smell the eggs, bacon and toast he had made just for her. It smelled so delicious, and she was starving. She nodded her head at his question, and he kissed her again, helped her sit up slightly, and then fed her breakfast. She ate every bite, and felt much more awake after eating.

“You won’t talk today, my love. Just moan.” He commanded, but in a sweet voice.

She nodded in agreement. She loved these days. He was everything to her. She loved him, completely. She trusted him, and knew that she would have just as much fun, if not more, as he would today. She stayed perfectly still, waiting for his further instructions. She was wet at the mere thought of what might happen.

He picked up the plate and tray and took it downstairs to the kitchen. He didn’t say a word to her when he left. He returned a few minutes later, and he climbed onto the bed with her, and kneeled beside her. He ran his hands all over her body, touching every inch of her skin. His touch was soft and loving, and she got even wetter with the anticipation of what he would have her do first.

She felt him move on the bed next to her, and soon he was straddling her stomach. He grabbed both of her breasts in his hands, and squeezed slightly at first, and then harder. She felt him reach to his right and then sit back up. She heard a snapping sound, and then felt him reach back to his right. He put his hands on her breasts again, but this time they were wet and smelled like vanilla. He massaged her tits for a brief moment, and then moved his hands to the sides of her breasts and pressed them together. She could feel his cock hardening on her chest. He moved forward, and his cock was between her breasts, his hands pressing her tits around him. He moved back and forth slowly, rubbing her nipples with the pads of his thumbs. She knew how much he liked this, and she moaned quietly at the pleasure she knew he was having. His pace quickened at the sound of her moan, and soon he was fucking her tits as fast as he could. As she lay there, tied to the bed, unable to touch him, she felt his speed decrease slightly, and then he stopped and pulled back. He sat up and moved forward, and used one hand to stroke himself, and one finger of the other hand, to part her lips. She gladly opened her mouth, and he put his cock in her mouth. She moved her tongue around him, as he pressed himself deeper into her mouth. He tasted like vanilla ice cream. It only took a few thrusts into her mouth before he let out a loud moan and came down her throat. She swallowed it willingly, and he pulled out of her mouth. She kissed the head of his cock as he pulled away from her.

“Mmmm…that was nice,” he said contentedly, and he moved off of her to lie next to her. She turned her head toward him and smiled. He moved to lay his head on her stomach and absentmindedly rubbing her thigh with the palm of his hand. She squirmed at the feel of his hand on her leg, and he sat up and clamped his hands down on her thighs for a brief second. He let go almost instantly, and he reached behind her head and untied her blindfold. She looked at him lovingly, and he bent down to kiss her. He barely let their mouths touch as he discarded the blindfold onto the floor. He held her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. She smiled and inclined her head to look him in the eyes. He moved his mouth to hers and kissed her softly at first, and then with more passion. He moved his head to make sure his tongue touched every inch of hers. She tried to move her arms again, to no avail. She struggled a little beneath him, so badly wanting to wrap her arms around him. He pulled back from the kiss and stared at her.

“Do you want me to let you free?” He asked her, the same sweet assertive tone in his voice. She nodded at him, a pleading look in her eyes. “Not yet,” he told her. She sighed and gave up the struggle to be free of the restraints. She knew he would let her go eventually, but it was torture not being able to hold him.

“Let’s watch a movie, while I recover,” he said to her, getting up from the bed to pick one from the shelf and put it in the DVD player. She watched him get up and walk away, and she ached to hold him even more than before. “What do you want to watch?” he said slyly. “Oh, that’s right, you can’t talk. I guess I’ll pick then.” He stood in front of the shelf that held the movies, and looked them over, trying to decide what to watch. He picked one up, she couldn’t see what it was, and then put it back. He ran his hands across the cases, indecisive. He pulled out another, and put it back as well. He turned around to smile and wink at her. He walked out of the room without a word. She stayed on the bed, of course, and waited for him to return. He came back almost immediately, his laptop in his hand. He sat on the bed next to her, and opened up the computer. He typed some things, and then sat the computer on her stomach and fluffed his pillow and lay next to her. She looked over at him and smiled. He moved his finger over the mouse pad, and went to a familiar website. He typed some more, and soon, they were watching a petite blonde woman kissing a tall brunette. She smiled again. He cupped one hand around her breast and nuzzled her neck. They watched in silence as the two women touched and teased each other. Neither of them moved for a long while. They just watched. But then he moved his hand from her breast and began to slowly stroke himself. She looked down at him and grinned. His pace didn’t change for several minutes. He reached up and untied one of her hands, and she let it fall to the bed next to her. She knew better than to move before he told her to. He let her watch him for the next few minutes, then grabbed her hand and said, “Your turn.”

She wrapped her hand around his cock and moved it up and down, keeping the same pace he had. She moved her wrist back and forth as her hand moved up and down. She stared at him as he let his head fall back and his eyes close. She let out a puff of air, realizing how much he was enjoying himself. Her legs twitched and writhed, her pussy aching to be touched. She quickened her hand, and he looked into her eyes and smiled. “Feels…so good, baby,” he said almost breathlessly. He put his hand on the back of her head, grabbing a handful of her hair. He turned her head toward the computer screen. “Watch.” He told her. She watched the two women on the screen. The blonde had two fingers deep inside the brunette, and they were both moaning wildly. He watched with her, and with his hand still in her hair, he moved her head into his lap. She opened her mouth and took him all the way in her mouth moving her tongue from side to side as she sucked in gently. He exploded into her mouth again, quietly moaning her name.

After a moment, he got up, picked up the scarf that had kept her now free hand restrained, and retied it. She was immobile again. He kissed her forehead, and started to walk away. He went into the bathroom, and she heard the water start. He turned on the shower and leaned out the door into the bedroom. He winked at her, and then disappeared into the bathroom again. She lay on the bed, her thoughts silently begging him to come back…soon. While he was in the shower, she thought about him. About how good he felt inside her. About how he knew just how and where to touch her. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander. She imagined him coming out and fucking her furiously. She imagined his fingers deep inside her. Her legs fell apart at the thoughts, and moved up and down, back and forth as she thought about what he may do to her. She rocked her hips back and forth, squeezed the muscles inside her, dripping with the fantasies in her head.

Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning almost loudly, so she didn’t hear him stop the water and get out. He walked up to the bed, towel around his waist, and stared down at her. “What do you think you are doing?” He demanded. She froze, forced her legs together, and looked up at him, a silent apology written all over her face. She shrugged her shoulders, and pouted her bottom lip out slightly. “Put that lip away. That won’t work this time. I don’t remember telling you to move!” He said to her, a hint of anger in his voice.

She liked it when he tried to scare her. She wasn’t afraid of him, not even a little, but the way his voiced deepened on the last word drove her crazy. “What were you thinking about, I wonder…” he thought aloud. “You were thinking about me, I trust?” She nodded her head in confirmation. He sat down next to her on the bed, and ran his hand up her leg; from ankle to thigh, stopping to squeeze her above the knee, then moving his hand back down her other leg. He grabbed her knees, one in each hand, and pulled her legs apart, forcing her knees to touch the bed, and he held them there. He stared at her pussy, glistening with moisture. He looked in her eyes and smiled. “Hmmm…poor girl. You must be in almost in pain, aching.” She nodded quickly, silently hoping he would touch her, if only for a moment.

He moved to sit between her legs, laying them over his. He ran his hands up and down her legs as he stared at her face, her breasts, and her aching wet pussy. Each time he brought his hands up her legs, he got closer and closer to touching her where she wanted him to the most. She moaned softly as he continued to caress her legs. She wanted, no…needed, him to touch her. She didn’t know if she could take much more. He had cum twice already, and she was still aching. He reached the top of her thighs with his hands again, and this time, he brushed his thumb lightly on the outside of her pussy. She let out a loud moan at his touch. He looked up at her and winked. “Oh, so that’s what you want.” Her eyes got big and she smiled, nodding her head. “Hmmm,” he said rubbing her with his whole hand this time. “You like that, baby? You like when I touch you?” he asked rhetorically, knowing that she loved it. “Let’s go have some lunch first,” he said, getting up from the bed and walking over to untie her. He freed her from her restraints, and took her hand and led her downstairs to the kitchen. She felt tortured and loved all at the same time.

They reached the kitchen, and he dropped her hand to get plates and the makings for sandwiches. He kissed her on the cheek, and wrapped his arms around her waist as she made two sandwiches. She opened a bag of chips and put a handful on the two plates the sandwiches. She leaned her head back against his chest as she grabbed two sodas from the fridge. He let go of her waist, and grabbed his plate. She followed him to the couch, and they ate their lunch. When they were finished, he let out a loud sigh as he watched her naked body walk back into the kitchen to clean up. He stayed on the couch as she put the sandwich supplies away and washed the plates. She came out of the kitchen, and sat down next to him on the couch.

“I need to return some movies and pick up my shirts at the dry cleaner,” he told her, as he grabbed her hand and massaged her palm with his thumbs. “Let’s get dressed and get that over with so we can get back to the fun.”

He stood up and led her upstairs by the hand. He picked a short black skirt and a yellow tank top with black stars for her to wear. He dressed quickly in jeans and a green t-shirt and sat on the end of the bed to watch her put on the outfit he had picked out for her. He conveniently forgot to add panties to the pile of clothes he handed her, and he smiled at the thought of her wearing nothing underneath the almost-too-short skirt. When she was done getting dressed, he put on his shoes and led her out of the room, down the stairs and out to the car.

He stood on the passenger side with her, and pressed her up against the car and kissed her hard and fast. The kiss was over almost as quickly as it started, and he opened her door for her and she climbed in the car. He walked around to the driver’s side and got in. After starting the car and backing out of the parking space, he reached over and put his hand on her thigh. His fingers tracing circles on her leg as he drove into town to run the errands.

They arrived at Blockbuster, and he got out first, and she knew better than to open her own door. She waited patiently as he walked around the front of the car, bending to look at her through the windshield. He opened her door and took her hand, entwining his fingers with hers as he led the way into the store. He dropped the movies at the counter, and walked to the back shelf to see if there were any new releases. She followed behind him silently, thinking how lucky she was to love someone this much, and to be loved so much in return.

He wandered the aisles of the video store for twenty minutes or so, looking for a movie he hadn’t already seen. She was tortured. She knew he was doing it on purpose. He was making her wait. But she knew it would be worth it. Finally, he gave up, and they walked to the front of the store. He said a casual goodbye to the clerk, and she just nodded her head. They left the store and walked across the parking lot to the car. He walked her to her side, and opened her door for her again. He let go of her hand, and pushed her skirt up, ran his hand up the back of her thigh and squeezed her ass. He pulled his hand back, smoothed her skirt, and she got in the car. He winked at her though the windshield as he walked around to his side. He followed the same routine as before, placing his hand on her thigh as he pulled out of the parking lot.

He drove the few blocks down to the dry cleaners, and pulled in a parking space and turned off the car. “You stay here. I’ll be right back,” he commanded sweetly, as he got out of the car and went inside. She watched him walk away, and let out a loud sigh. He was torturing her today, and she loved it. Her mind started to race with thoughts of him again. She was wet again. She realized that her hands were free this time. And her skirt was very short. She was sure she could be done by the time he came back out. She kept her eyes locked on the counter inside the dry cleaners so she would know when he was coming out of the shop. She pulled her skirt up and moved her hand between her legs. She rubbed her clit fast and hard, knowing she didn’t have much time. She moaned aloud in the front seat of the car. He had made her so hot already, that it didn’t take her long to feel herself about to cum. She closed her eyes for just a second, and her head fell back against the headrest. She was seconds from cumming…when he opened the door. He saw her furiously rubbing herself, and he got in quickly and shut the door. She didn’t have time to stop in the mere second it took him to get in the car. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. “No!” he almost shouted at her. “Sit on your hands,” he said as he shook his head and started the car, “That’s twice now.” He was silent the whole ride home, occasionally looking over at her and shaking his head. She stared at her lap, hands securely planted under her ass.

They arrived home ten minutes later, and he looked at her as he removed the keys from the ignition. He sighed as he shook his head again and got out. He walked around to her side, opened her door, and held out his hand. She put her hand in his, and he pulled her, a little more than gently, out of the car. He tugged her inside, and slammed the door behind them. “You know better. At least I thought you did. Twice today. Twice I have had to remind you who is in charge. Twice I have caught you acting before being granted permission!” He said to her, power and love in his voice at the same time. She smiled ever so slightly, knowing it was all an act. He caught her careless grin. “You think this is funny? Are you amused? Is your disobedience ENTERTAINING in some way?” He asked her, the volume of his voice increasing with each sentence. She shook her head quickly, and looked down at her feet. He walked over to her, put one finger under her chin, and raised her face so he could look in her eyes. “Take off your clothes,” he commanded, and she did as she was told. She removed her shirt and bra, and then slipped her skirt off and let them all fall to the floor. She stood in front of him, naked. He took a step back, and let his eyes take her in. He moved his eyes up and down her body several times. “Now, take off my clothes,” he instructed her. She obeyed, and removed his shirt first, and then his shoes. She unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them to the floor. She tugged off his boxers, and threw them in the pile of clothes that had formed next to their now naked bodies.

“Bend over, now!” he said to her, his voice deep and angry. She stepped toward the couch and bent over as she was told, holding herself up with her hands on the couch. He stepped up behind her, and ran his hands up her thighs and over her ass. He squeezed her ass cheeks hard. She let out a low moan, enjoying her punishment much more than she should. In fact, it was exactly what she wanted. He was already hard, and he spread her cheeks apart, and rubbed her pussy with his thumb. “You just couldn’t wait, could you?” He said as he squeezed her ass cheeks again, but this time burying his cock all the way inside her with one thrust. She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He pulled out completely, and pushed into her again, as deep as he could go. He pulled one hand back as he was deep inside her, and brought it down hard on her ass cheek, and then squeezed the red spot in the shape of his hand. She was screaming and moaning loudly, and he continued to fuck her. He spanked her with every thrust, each time a little harder than the last. “You were a bad girl. You knew better,” he said, with some effort, as he continued to pound her pussy and slap her ass. She was crying out with every slap from his hand, and moaning with every thrust of his cock. He fucked her for what felt like hours, and then grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed as hard as he could as he filled her pussy with his hot cum. He pulled out quickly when he was done, spun her around, and pushed her down on the couch. He kneeled in front of her, and instantly pushed two fingers deep inside her. He moved his fingers around, feeling every inch of her insides. He rubbed her clit hard and fast with his thumb, and it didn’t take her long to explode into her own orgasm. She screamed in pleasure as she came harder than she ever had before. He quickly pulled his fingers out of her, and started rubbing her clit with his other hand. He looked up at her and took the fingers that were just inside her, and put them in her mouth. She happily sucked their combined juices off his fingers, as she came a second time. He moved his hands to cup her face, and he kissed her softly. “You know I love you. But you have to be a good girl. Can you be a good girl for me, baby?” He asked her sweetly. She nodded her head and smiled.

He got up from the floor, and put his clothes back on. He tossed her skirt into her lap, and nodded his head, “Put that back on,” he said, as he walked into the kitchen. He came back with two glasses of ice water, and he set one on the table in front of her. He sat down on the couch next to her. She drank the whole glass in almost one gulp, and set it back on the table. He drank his more slowly, and after he set his on the table, he pulled her legs into his lap. He rubbed her feet and legs, and she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Her ass was sore from her punishment, so she shifted to lie back on the couch, and rolled slightly to the side that wasn’t stinging and red. He reached forward and ran his hands over the hand-shaped red mark on her ass. “You know I don’t like having to hurt you. But you have to behave,” he told her sternly. She nodded her head in agreement again and smiled at him. She didn’t mind at all. And she knew he didn’t either.

They sat on the couch in silence for almost an hour, and she was almost asleep. He ran his hand up her arm, and she sat up to look at him. “Pizza?” he asked her. All she could do was nod, so she did. He lifted her legs off of him, stood up, and set them gently on the couch. He went to the phone to order the pizza, not wanting to leave to go get it. He returned to the couch after ordering dinner, and lifted her feet, sat on the couch, and let her feet rest back in his lap. “About twenty minutes or so,” he said, letting her know when the pizza would arrive. “Sit up,” he said. She complied, tossing her feet onto the floor, and resting her back against the couch. He stood up and moved in front of her. He unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the floor. He freed his cock from his boxers, and looked down at her. She smiled up at him and licked her lips. She sat forward, running her tongue over the head of his cock. She licked him all the way down and back up again. She laid her tongue flat against the bottom of her mouth, and took half of him in her mouth. She circled his cock with her tongue as she reached up to wrap her hand around the base of his cock. She moved her hand slightly as she moved her mouth back and forth and side to side. Her tongue flicked the underside of his shaft as she quickened her pace ever so slightly. She pulled back, and kissed the head of his rock hard cock. She used her tongue to wet the head and then blew cool air through her lips. She opened her mouth wide, and put his entire length in her mouth, ignoring her gag reflex and sucking hard. He grabbed a handful of hair in each hand and furiously fucked her mouth. She slowed when she knew he was ready to cum, and took him all the way in her mouth then all the way out each time. He tugged on her hair to let her know he was about to explode, and she opened her throat wide to swallow it down. Just as he shot his hot load in her mouth, there was a knock at the door.

He pulled back and smiled down at her. She licked her lips and smiled back. He quickly put his pants on and answered the door. While he paid for the pizza, she went to the kitchen to get paper plates and two sodas. She set them on the table right as he walked in to set the pizza next on the table too. He opened the box and placed a slice on her plate and a slice on his. “That was a good girl. That’s how good girls act,” he told her as they ate. “I knew you could be good. Patience pays off, you know.” She smiled as she chewed. When they had finished eating, she put the remaining pizza in a plastic container and threw the box and soda cans in their appropriate recycling bins. He was standing in the doorway watching her. When she turned around and saw him, she was startled and she jumped a little. He smiled and walked toward her. He took her arms and wrapped them around his neck, and put his arms around her waist. He hugged her tight and kissed her on the cheek.

He let go of her and grabbed her hand. He led her upstairs to the bedroom. She stood next to him while he again stood in front of the shelf of DVDs, trying to decide what to watch. He finally picked one of his favorite scary movies, something with zombies and blood and all kinds of other gross stuff. They were all the same to her, so she didn’t even notice what this one was called. He put the DVD in the player, turned the TV on, and took off his clothes. He unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He walked over to the bed and pulled the covers back, and climbed in. He motioned for her to join him, and she did. She crawled under the covers with him, laying her head on his chest and draping her arm over his stomach. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and laced the fingers of his other hand with hers. They watched the movie in silence. He turned his head every few minutes to kiss her sweetly on the mouth. When the movie was over, he rolled on his side to face her. She followed his lead and ran her hands through his hair as he stroked her side with his finger tips. He bent down and kissed her. A soft peck on the mouth, and then a hard one. He parted her lips with his tongue, and quickly found her tongue with his. He kissed her faster and harder. Her body moved instinctively, her hips pressing against his. He grabbed her hip and rolled her onto her back. He continued to kiss her, using his hand to part her legs, settling his body on top of hers. He broke the kiss to guide himself into her, and she moaned when she felt him enter her. He moved in and out of her slowly, evenly. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him. He kept his pace steady, as he bent down to kiss her breasts. He ran his hands up her sides before settling them on her tits, fondling and massaging them gently. He kissed her lightly, and she let out a soft moan. He sped up ever so slightly, and she moaned louder. He slipped his hand under her head, and held the back of her neck, holding himself up with his other hand. As he moved faster in and out of her, she moaned and whimpered with each thrust. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him as deep into as he would go. He moaned at being so far inside her, and filled her up with cum again. She was right behind him, her own orgasm ripping through her just seconds after his.

He collapsed on top of her, wrapping his arms around her again. He left himself soften inside of her, and then he rolled to the side, lying next to her with his hand on her tummy. He stroked her tummy softly and looked up at her. “You can talk now, baby,” he said, calm and gentle. She sighed and looked back in his eyes. “I love you, baby,” she said, the first words she had said all day. “I love you too,” he whispered. She closed her eyes, and had momentary thoughts of the amazing day she had. She was asleep seconds later. He lay with her in his arms, stroking her hair, watching her sleep for several minutes before closing his eyes and drifting off himself.


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