My first story

I have typed out words and then deleted them four times now.  I may very well delete these words too.  I think the best bet for now is to post a story I wrote.  I can’t make myself have anything decent to say this morning.  And I won’t bore everyone with my whining and “I miss Him so much,” crap.  So, I’ll finish out this post, and then post a sexy little story of mine.  I apologize in advance that the story isn’t that good.  I did very little editing, changing only a few words.  I guess that means ‘not to edit’ won out!  And, like I said yesterday, I’m not that good of a writer!

Every story I’ve written has a specific inspiration.  There is a reason for the birth of every fantasy.  The one that will be in the next post (so I can categorize it properly) was written because He asked me to write it.  The story makes me chuckle now, because it was “before.”  We had a rather fun time playing a game, and at the end of the game, our characters had a conversation about her spending the day as his sex slave.  The game ended, and we resumed our conversation in the IM window.  He mentioned that He liked that idea a lot.  Me at His beck and call for a day.  At that time, we been together only a short time.  “I like the idea of being dominant like that.  Like having you follow me around topless, like a little servant on a leash, and when I get aroused, I can just tell you to get on your knees.  Or if we’re in the kitchen cooking, I can just tell you to grab the counter and bend over”  Those were His words.  Months before we had the conversation about TTWD, little snippets and hints were there.  I was so excited writing it.  Not just the content, but that He had told me to, and I was doing it.  So it makes me giggle that the story I wrote was one of His first commands, and I so willingly and eagerly did as I was told.  🙂

Write me a story about your day as my slave.

I’ll try.

You will.


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