Be all my sins remember’d…

So, today I’m groggy.  This is probably because I stayed up too late.  hehe  I have so many thoughts and stories and ideas in my head all at once.  They are all just pounding on the inside of my skull, begging to come out.  Even the smallest things trigger stories lately.  A passing thought turns in to a page of fantasy.  A simple hello becomes an elaborate vision.  Sounds, sights, tastes, and smells send my brain into overdrive, working harder than it ever has to turn every sensation into a story.  It is an over-powering and all-consuming feeling.  Especially since I’m not a very good writer!  🙂

Hopefully I’ll have the guts to copy and paste some stuff here eventually.  I’m struggling with to edit, or not to edit.  I can produce a somewhat decent story after I reread and edit and tweak and polish.  But I kinda feel like I shouldn’t do that.  Like I should just let the words come out and let myself get better as I practice more and more.  I’m not writing a book to be published, I’m just jotting down my fantasies.  So…to edit or not to edit?  That is the question!


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